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Hey!! I am a high school senior at Sumner High School. I am a full International Baccalaureate student. I am planning on going into the medical field and becoming a pediatric cardio-thoracic surgeon. After I graduate I plan on going to a university. I am doing this project so that I can make Cystic Fibrosis more known and help to find a cure. I love fighting for a great cause and this is one worth giving my time and making the walk for them. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at anytime.


 I am an energetic senior at Sumner High School and I was looking for a way to fulfill graduation requirements through community service and that is when I found out about the CF walk and quickly asked if I could join the effort. When I joined the program I was integrated into the cause and understanding what it takes to deal with this disease on a daily basis. This cause has now become near and dear to my heart and I sincerely hope everyone who can participate in this event will end up doing so. To reach this goal of $5,000 would mean so much to us as a group and it would become a universal sign of hope for all those who suffer from this disease! Please come out and support the cause.......... Just Breathe!!!! 


Hi! My name is Amanda and I am a senior at Sumner High School. I am a part of the Sumner FFA and a full IB student (wondering what is international baccalaureate? visit their website here!). Ever since I was a child I have known that someday I would become a teacher, and currently I am planning to teach math or Spanish in a high school setting. Next year I will be going to either Western or Washington State University. My decision to do a walk for cystic fibrosis was made four years ago, after watching my two cousins struggle with the disease. After one of my cousins got a lung transplant I knew for sure that this would be my project. This cause is one that is close to my heart and I hope to make a difference in the lives of those that have this disease.


I am a junior at Sumner High School. I am the President of our Video Club, Public Relations for Sumner NHS, and a full IB Student. After high school I plan to get a degree in Psychology and then go on to do research in neurobiology. I joined Mariah and Amanda as soon as I heard about their project. I believe that finding a cure for this disease is extremely important and hope that our efforts will result in the improvement of the lives of the thousands of people currently living with Cystic Fibrosis.



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